Cleaning services in Singapore

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Cleaning services in Singapore

Full Description

Complete Services is an environmental cleaning company having experience of more than 10 years. Complete Services provide excellent cleaning services and maintenance of buildings, restaurants, offices, educational institutions, banks, factories, hospitals, hotels, etc. Complete Services has gained a high esteemed value through their services rendered in Singapore for years.Not only we are an established company in the field of environmental cleaning industry, also we secured pride of Enhanced Clean Mark Accredited Company.

Complete Services crew are trained and equipped with necessary techniques and skills for the demands of the industry for various types of cleaning. The employees are the asset of Complete Services. The company has Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) trained professionals and also reliable employees who are skilled in delivering quality cleaning services to the clients. The crew is maintained by the dedicated and approachable team who takes care about every cleaning operation which should be carried out smoothly, successfully and also at the highest satisfaction of the client. Complete Services has also pride of licensed cleaning company with the certification of NEA Clean Mark Accreditation.

Complete Services with a team of quality staff uses the most modern cleaning equipments, cleaning materials, cleaning machineries and also cleaning chemicals including bio-degradable items. Complete Services offers a complete package of cleaning. Not only the company earned reputation for its quality services, also the company holds pride for its dependable after sales services delivery. Complete Services provide various cleaning services like Office Cleaning, Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies, Carpet Cleaning, Vinyl Tile Cleaning & Waxing, External Cleaning, Marble Cleaning Services, High Pressure Jet Cleaning, Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance, General House Cleaning, etc.

Complete Services understands the office related clients searching a cleaning company which do the job consistently and also in a cost efficient way. The company provides a reliable, fast paced and value based cleaning, highly trained cleaning professionals who are dedicated to go beyond your expectations through teamwork and dedication. They clean office in the exact way on how the client is expecting day in and day out. As an essential part of service, the company excels at high professional standard cleaning of carpets, relieving out the stress you can leave all your tasks to the Complete Services for high quality cleaning and be amazed by the results making carpets seems new and untouched.

External Cleaning is performed on several categories like Rope Access System, Boom-Lift / Scissors-Lift System, Gondola System, Scaffolding System, etc. Jet Cleaners are used in cleaning Drains, Stripping Metals and Stripping Wallpapers back to a bare surface.The hard wearing machines use the cleaning power with high pressure water to solve the worst cleaning problems, heavy duty systems and cold water machines will take on graffiti removal of fat, grease, oil and paint and also it can even blast away masonry and plaster work. General house cleaning takes care on Kitchen, Living Room & Bedrooms, Toilets, etc.

Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance will take care of your house premises to look better, Complete Services excel in Marble Cleaning Services to deliver remarkable marble services, giving the marble with the treatment it deserves. Vinyl Tile Cleaning requires low speed floor scrubber which removes stubborn stains like rubber and shoe marks, other soil with ease, cleans ingrained oil and efficiently strips most floor coatings and finishes. Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies is done by the company from the supply of manpower to the supply of toiletries and cleaning materials.



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