Dr Cheryl Lee


Dr Cheryl Lee

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With age, comes difficulty with reading vision and with many needing glasses to see far, near or both. Progressive glasses are difficult to get used to and make us look old.

Dr Lee offers proven, reliable solutions for getting rid of glasses and helping you look younger. Our clinic has a myriad of lenses to satisfy your needs for work and your hobbies.

In addition, Dr Lee specialises in Implantable Contact lens. ICL™ For the younger patients, the Implantable Contact Lens can help you achieve high definition vision without the risks associated with LASIK. There is no changing of the shape of the cornea as in LASIK eye surgery with no risk of dry eyes. The ICL™ can correct short and long sight, as well as astigmatism. This procedure is also ideal for patients who may not have been candidates for LASIK.





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