Dr Hong Cho Tek, Eric


Dr Hong Cho Tek, Eric

Full Description

Dr Hong Cho Tek, Eric holds the privilege of being one of the very few cardiologists who have achieved double accreditation after being trained in two ACGME ( Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, USA) clinical fellowships : interventional cardiology and non-invasive cardiac imaging (including cardiac CT angiography, PET/SPECT imaging, nuclear cardiology).

Besides general cardiac conditions, Dr Eric Hong Cho Tek’s special interests include interventional cardiology ( femoral and radial access), sports cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation and nuclear cardiology / non-invasive cardiac imaging that comprises cardiac CT angiography and PET/SPECT imaging. He is also accredited to perform renal denervation procedure : an emerging, minimally-invasive therapy for stubborn hypertension.

Owing to his expertise and service excellence, Dr Eric Hong has earned several honours throughout the years, including Clinical Excellence (EXSA) Star 2008, Gold 2007, NHG Pillar award Oct 2008, Hospital Superstar award Feb 2006, June 2006, Aug 2005 and COURAGE award 2003. He was also the proud recipient of the Health Manpower Development Plan award in Cardiology from the Ministry of Health, Singapore.





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