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Information Technology (IT) plays a crucial role in almost everything from retail to travel, food and beverage to science, etc. The role of internet and connection is important as they are the primary source of the information technology. The websites have become the primary source of the revenue generated in every business. Additionally, mobile apps help a lot as 72% of the people use their mobile device to browse or shop anything. The hotels and restaurants are taking up this improvement seriously, and they are moving towards the mobile world.
3Z eSolutions – being the leading IT solutions provider for the food and beverage industry – is helping the restaurants and hotels in Singapore and near places to stay updated. They are in the industry since the early 2001, and it has been nearly 16 years from then they are carving their services to the restaurants around the world. 3Z eSolutions PTE LTD is a permanent member of the Singapore Restaurant Association (SRA).
Their experience made them the leading solution provider for the restaurants in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and Australia. 3Z eSolutions offer services like iPad ordering system, pre-order & queueing system, mobile ordering system, eMenu, CRM, ERP, attendance management system and cloud services. Their services are suitable for restaurants of all classes (say from small-scale restaurants to large star rated restaurants) and for all cuisines like western, fast-food, bars, clubs, hotpot and many other.
3Z eSolutions offers not only custom mobile application solutions but also many devices to make your restaurant look modern and updated. They provide products like Yumkiosk self-ordering and payment device, Yumstone S81, YCP80/81 thermal printers and Yumstone 560. These devices are purely made to reduce unwanted hassle and also to make the ordering and billing system neat and organized. 3Z eSolutions will be a perfect choice for all your restaurant needs.



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