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A major worldwide group of independent accounting firms and business advisers.

Ng, Lee & Associates - DFK

Full Description

The history of Ng, Lee & Associates – DFK dates way back to 1948 under the original founding firm of Tang Peng Yeu & Co which served many distinguished businesses and companies and was considered as one of the leading accounting firms of its day. The firm was acquired in 1972 by Mr Jerry Lee and Mdm Susan Ng. It changed its name to Ng, Lee & Associates and subsequently to Ng, Lee & Associates – DFK to reflect its worldwide affiliation with DFK International. Since then, the firm has expanded with the takeover of Messrs Yeo Yong Poh & Co in 1991 and the merger with Koh Lian Huat & Co in 2000.

At Ng, Lee & Associates – DFK, we strive to build close working relationships with our clients. Our foremost objective is to understand the unique needs of each of our clients and to customise our services to help our clients to capitalise on opportunities, as well as providing personal services and solutions which our clients have come to depend on.



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