Paramount Chiropractic Group

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Paramount Chiropractic Group

Full Description

Paramount Chiropractic Group is a Singapore Chiropractor, which was established in 2008, by Dr. Inge Austin and is located at 6 Battery Rd, at Raffles Place.

Our Mission is to provide patients with a different kind of health care experience. One that allows for optimal healing, while at the same time empowering them with knowledge about their condition and how to prevent future occurrences of pain. It is a partnership between the patient and the Chiropractor and each party is equally responsible in the healing process. We will guide you and give you our best opinion, but at the same time allow you to decide how you would like to handle your own health and well being.

Our Singapore Chiropractor ,Dr. Inge Austin, graduated with honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences, known to be one of the top and most challenging Chiropractic Universities worldwide. She also holds a BSC in Sports and Exercise Science (Summa Cum Laude) from Southern California University Northridge.



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Level 39, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2, 10 Marina Boulevard