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PikoHANA is a sector agnostic provider of bespoke business solutions including bundled service offerings that encompass corporate services, finance and accounting, payroll, tax, CRM and administrative support – all for an affordable flat monthly fee that doesn’t increase until you grow, which is a win-win for everyone!

Based in Singapore, PikoHANA is passionate about helping the 90%.

What is ‘the 90%’? Well, it’s probably you and your business – a small or medium size enterprise, or SME. In fact, SME’s represent 90% of the business enterprises in Asia, and contribute almost 60% of the region’s GDP, and we want to help you increase that contribution by maximizing your revenue and profit potential. By the way, PikoHANA is just like you – an SME. We get it!

How do we do this? PikoHANA runs your back office and systems so you don’t have to, all for an affordable price tailored to suit your business needs.

Why is this important?

The time and cost involved with hiring your own accounting and operations team and/or using multiple service providers are far more than they’re worth. With PikoHANA, you have a centralized end-to-end solution that scales with you as you grow. By working withPikoHANA, our clients have reduced the cost of running their back office and systems by up to 50%.

We deliver simplicity and automation that redefines your back office by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and providing you with real time information via our dynamic dashboard reporting so you can make informed decisions about your business, quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re a development stage technology company or an established service provider, PikoHANA is the solution.

Leave your back office and systems to PikoHANA.

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