Singapore Physiotherapy Clinic

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Singapore Physiotherapy Clinic

Full Description

A clinic specialized in offering advanced pain treatment programs for muscular injury and joint pain.
If you suffer from sports injuries, or difficult back, neck, knee, shoulder or hip pain, we are able to help.

We understand that many patients have been disappointed at other physiotherapy clinics due to some very common issues:
– a lack of clinical experience of the physiotherapists
– a lack of time for proper physiotherapy treatments in cheap “group therapy” practices
– using only outdated medical technology (eg: ultrasound and heat packs)
– poor understanding of your problems by the physio and a superficial explanation of your treatment plan

We understand that proper physiotherapy is NOT simply:
– exercise and stretching
– expensive massage
– ultrasound and heat packs

1 Raffles Place,
One Raffles Place #23-04
Singapore, 048616
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One Raffles Place #23-04 Singapore, 048616